Art for Humanity

Art For Humanity Fundraiser is an NFT series launched by Art For Earth in support of UNHCR. We hope to partner with NFT projects representing communities across the world to create a collection of works that collates different visions of the future of humanity to curate a total collection of 2049 works.

Art for Earth Festival 2022

About Us

“Art for Earth” (AFE), within the Singapore WABC Foundation, is dedicated to inclusivity. Our vision revolves around using the transformative power of art to create a better world. We prioritize fostering understanding, empathy, and appreciating our differences through art. Celebrating diversity as the cornerstone of creativity, we advocate for respect and acceptance of all. We recognize Earth as the shared home of people with diverse backgrounds and unique abilities. Our commitment is to harness the power of art to improve our Earth while promoting inclusiveness in our global society.

Our Programs

Art for Humanity

Art for Humanity is an NFT fundraising initiative in support of UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.

Art for Earth Festival

Art for Earth festival is a 9-day global public art festival based on Singapore from November 1st to 9th, 2022.

Different Socks

Different Socks Initiative is an initiative first started in WABC China in 2016 for social advocacy.

Our Commitment


Art initiatives

Through community-based projects, we help marginalized populations to use art for expression, to develop creativity and to find new possibilities in themselves.


Social advocacy

We bring stakeholders from different sectors and cultures together to co-create social impact. We use art, a universal language, to communicate our vision to the world and unite those who believe in it to make joint efforts for good.


Art inclusion mentor

We provide programs to train qualified Art Inclusion Mentors, empowering them to be the pioneers of guiding the social inclusion of marginalized populations through art activities.

Our Story

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Different Socks Initiative