Art for Earth Festival 2022

The Art for Earth is a public art program and festival organized by WABC Foundation and the Resilient Cities Network. We combine art and climate resilience, inspiring individuals, communities, corporates and institutions to collaborate on securing a resilient future for all.

Art for Earth Festival 2022

3 sections, many possibilities

Art for Resilience

  • How do youth feel about their climate future? To what extent do they face climate anxiety and how do they cope with it?
  • A pilot program in collaboration with cities and civil society organisations, empowering youth to build resilience and manage their climate anxiety through art therapy.

Art for Love

  • Art for Earth has an inherent meaning of inclusivity and openness. We want you to feel the love infused in all the initiatives we have for the festival.
  • We create family-friendly experiences to bring joy, along with raising awareness on the issues we care about.

Art for Awareness

A curated art exhibition that weaves a story of empowerment and resilience. Through our collaboration with artists, we will showcase climate resilience to the public, alongside the art produced from our Art for Resilience program.