Different Socks Initiative

Different Socks Initiative is an initiative first started in WABC China in 2016 for social advocacy. We encourage people to wear different socks to raise awareness on social inclusion of different people and cultures, committing to reducing discrimination against disadvantaged communities as well as to creating a society that is diverse and inclusive.

WABC Tailand Different Socks Day

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Different Socks Day Creative Festival

In 2024, we’ve meticulously planned diverse activities in Singapore, China, and Thailand, A flagship initiative among them is the “Different Socks Day Creative Festival”, with this year’s theme being “Monster of Imagination”.  This event collaborates with talented autistic artists and various organizations to showcases captivating art installations, art jam sessions, workshops, and immersive experiences. Our goal is to inspire the celebration of diversity through art and raise awareness about autistic artists. We’ll take this event to neighborhoods, schools, and malls, fostering mutual understanding and advancing our social inclusion mission.